Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Maclaren Techno XT Review


We were looking for a stroller, as we are living in a one bed flat it had to be an umbrella fold so we can actually store the stroller in our house. Our travel system has been living in the back of the car. So you can imagine what a pain it was to get that continuously set up and put away again for every outing.... Tiring!

We were looking for new ones and offers, but still they were quite expensive and we didn't want to fork out a huge amount because it could very well be that Munchkin would be walking in about 6 -8 months time. Plus I hardly buy things for full price as you have several outlets these days to get things second hand.

Cue us on visiting Leigh, just random and there was a charity shop which was selling a Maclaren stroller. It had been stored outside for a while and was a bit rusty but OH looked it over and we bought it for £7 also thinking, it is under £10 plus if it does break it doesn't really matter.
Once home we took all fabric off and washed and we cleaned the whole frame. On Ebay we purchased a new raincover and an orange footmuff and et voila the new pram was born!

Now we are many weeks further and I have to say I am still very impressed with this stroller. It is very easy foldable, even with one hand and Munchkin on my hip. It feels very light and when pushing it doesn't feel like you are pushing around a tonne of plastic like the previous travel system... Smooth and Munchkin can sit in it perfectly. The height of the handle is perfect for me and the fact that you can still change the height of it is perfect.

Of course there are a few minors, combined the fact that it is a second-hand.
First of all the basket is very small and almost inaccessible. Very annoying as I used to use this quite a lot. I would store some shopping there, a box of nappies or toilet paper. Well you get my drift. Now it just about stores the raincover and an empty shopping bag.
The seat should have 5 or 7 different stands to change to for Munchkin, but I think only 3 work. Munchkin hates sleeping flat in it.
When you fold the stroller, you have a clip of some sort which goes around a metal hook, this clip very easily bends within the stroller and if you are not careful you bend it more or break it.
One of the frontwheels is a bit stuck, but not sure if that is from previous storage or a Maclaren issue.

All in all we are very happy with our stroller and can highly recommend the Maclaren Techno XT stroller. Even if we wouldn't be able to get a discount one, I would be tempted to buy a Maclaren for full price - Not without looking for a discount though :)

Do you have a favourite stroller or do you still use your Travel system? Let me know in the comments below.