Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Review Joie Mimzy Eco Highchair


When you think you finally got everything major and big purchases for you little one, the weaning period starts... and then you realise ... PING... a High Chair... Yikes!

I thought I would write a review about our Joie Highchair - when we were in need of one, we got so overwhelmed with all the choices out there that we went purely on reviews within our budget. And it worked!
There were a few things we had in mind that we wanted from the chair:
- Seat should be adjustable, not height but if he does fall asleep in the chair we could put the chair backwards.
- Foldable - as we have a tiny flat, we are always in need of space savers. So a chair that was foldable and be put away is a must.
- Sturdy - we looked at a couple of chairs and we just found that they were feeling flimsy...
- Easy to clean - well this kinda says it all!
- 5 point harnass - Makes it feel more secure

And there were a few we looked at including the cheap Ikea one - which we felt was very flimsy and if Munchkin would be throwing his legs it would feel that he would throw the chair over.
That is how we came across the Joie Mimzy Eco Highchair - we did shop around but ended up buying from Argos as sometimes convenience is also a factor for us.

We currently love the high chair and Munchkin gets really excited when he sees I am putting up the chair as it means he can bang his toys loudly plus there is normally food involved haha!

- Foldable!!! And tiny too - the tray fits between the legs of the chair on top of the storage net 
- Storage net - a bonus, that is where we store wipes and all different kinds of bibs. Easy peasy to grab and clean.
- Seat - the seat is recline-able and the seat cover can be washed and easy to wipe clean with a cloth.
- Tray - Easy to clean tray with a cup holder. Perfect to store that dummy or a beaker.
- Sturdy - the chair feels really sturdy and not flimsy. He had a few boisterous moments in there and I was happy to watch him and not be able to kick over the chair.

- Straps - the straps around his waist are perfect, but he is just heightwise a tad small so the straps around his arms/shoulders are a little loose and I have now renamed Munchkin into Houdini as he always is able to undo the strap from his left shoulder. Plus the straps get quite dirty and I have to make sure I clean/scrub them every day.

So overall it is still a thumbs up for me - taking into consideration the price versus quality. I am pretty sure there are tons more and maybe even better chairs out there. But we are happy with this one and we couldn't have picked a better chair and brand.


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