Sunday, 8 January 2017

Happy New Year!

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 Hoi, Yes I am a few days late with this - but still I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

This will be a very positive year.. why?? Because I want it to be!

I will be paying more attention to this blog and to my Book Blog - Miss Book Eater. Posting more thought ramblings at least once a week on a Sunday evening, more reviews on products I have used for either Munchkin or for myself.
Loads of new stuff to look forward to and more pictures of my cutie pie!

I will also start to struggle with the bilingual side now, because he will be 6 months this week and it is time for me to solely talk Dutch to him, that sounds easier than that it is. I can tell you that... Luckily I have a good friend, who is also Dutch, living around the corner and together we will get there...

Have you done the yearly New Year Resolutions? I have and they are as follows:
Be a better mama to my Munchkin
Make my Munchkin smile and giggle every day
Make my handsome feel appreciated for what he does
Maybe, maybe I will be able to eat healthier and shift those few extra baby rolls? But as you can see that is last on my list.

Just a little rambling post now from me - but still a very Happy New Year. On to a year full of positives and may all your New Years Resolutions come true.


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