Monday, 19 December 2016

A Christmassy visit to Botany Bay at Chorley


A friend of mine and I went to Botany Bay @ Chorley - I had never been and I love discovering new places and shops where you can spend a few hours browsing and looking for lovely and unique gifts for family or friends or even just for yourself!

Well was I in for a treat...! Downstairs was lovely with a cafe  and small cubicles, almost small like shops within this massive warehouse and so sweet and cute and lovely! Definitely a place I would revisit a many times.

At the moment they have a lovely Christmas department on the top floor that was nothing short of being magical.
There were lovely lights everywhere and a little Gingerbread house as you can see with lovely little gifts and Christmas treats. I was really pleasantly pleased.

We also found a lovely Christmas fire place where you can take some cute pictures with you, your family, or in our case with our babies with some props too - It was lovely and we giggled loads and I can highly recommend giving Botany Bay a visit.

I just also want to make people aware that this post is not sponsored and purely came together by my enthousiasm.


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