Monday, 31 October 2016

The best Youtube videos for calming babies!


You know sometimes your baby just screams and cries and screams... You have done everything... Cuddled, swaddled, in sling, nappy change... twice just in case! Put warmer clothes, less clothes, with or without a blanket and you are literally pulling your hair as your little one is just fighting sleep...

I found a few video's that have helped my little one calm down, just because it is white noise, and I thought I share my top 5 with you. Maybe it will help yours - ps... they calm me too! haha

1. Epic Thunder & Rain - 10 hours white noise

2. Baby Sensory Rainbow (This one can get annoying...)

3. Make a baby stop crying

4. Colicky baby sleeps to this magic sound

5. Baby Sensory - Rain Drops

And that is my top 5! Have you got any favourite video's? Let me know!


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