Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mini Baby Shoplog - TK Maxx


Well my lovely boyfriend went out to TK Maxx as we needed some more sleeping bags for him (I refuse to say Grobag, it makes it sound like I am putting my child into a vegetable grobag...)

The deal was for me to go shopping on Sunday and him to stay home with munchkin so I could have some alone time. However, the little one is teething and I had a bad night sleep. So he went out to look for one with Munchkin and I stayed home and slept haha! Amazing deal right...!!

Anyways - He bought some amazing sleeping bags at TK Maxx for practically nothing, he was astonished that TK Maxx was cheaper than Argos, he looked there first but the quality was well... crap... And more expensive!!

We ended up with two sleeping bags, one slightly larger than the other for £15 each from the brand Piper & Posie and they are amazingly pretty!

So what do you think? I am in love with them - especially the Panda one ^_^ and the outside is so soft. It is a 2.7 Tog, perfect for the colder nights.


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