Thursday, 27 October 2016

Being nice goes a long way...


I thought I do a bit of a different blogpost today as I had a few experiences in town a couple of days ago whilst walking my baby boy in the pram and I felt the need to share it.

Kindness goes a long way - Let me start with that. If you see a mama struggling with a pram and a door, a little help will go a long way. I am forever grateful if you are able to hold the door open if you see me struggling, because you see... It might be a long day for me already - I might not have had a perfect long night full of sleep, the baby would absolutely not be teething.... It could be that I already had to deal with a poonami either just before leaving the house or just left it... Yes he might be all sleepy and angel like when you look in the pram, but I can tell you he wasn't 5 minutes ago. So I do ask, if you ever see someone, a mama or papa, struggling with a pram please check and see if they need help.

Another incident happened on the same day - I went to grab milk and something to eat from Aldi. And I think the whole town decided to grab a trolley and bash through the store... However, the amount of trolleys stuck in the same way wasn't the problem. Clearly the fun bright purple pram with a sleeping boy was the problem. I WAS the one in the way, not you not the person next to me who had parked their trolley in such a way that NOONE could go past. I was waiting patiently as I was stuck and clearly the person couldn't hear me say PARDON ME in different languages or volumes. So tutting at me, waiting patiently out of the way, is the way forward. Considering that you, my old deer, was young once... a baby... Maybe being carried in a sling or in a pram, thinking about it, if it was a pram it probably would have been three times the size as mine right now!
I apologise, no idea what for, try to move the pram in a such a way that you can squeeze through and still manage to bash the pram. At that point I had enough, I look straight at you and say: "Well, clearly this pram is the obstacle not the three other trolleys who are in the way, so yes please keep bashing your metal trolley into this pram one more time and I will push this random trolley into your legs. And I don't care about who or what you are." I can tell you - that received a bright red face and more tuts, but this time they were aimed at you... HAH!

See people - please remind yourselves, prams aren't there for your inconvenience, although they will be if you keep being a dosy mare, they are for the comfort and a basic transport of my baby. I will not stay at home all day and not move. My boy and I are not in the way - hell he is sleeping and the only noise he makes is his cute snoring. And yet we are the ones in the way...
You were once little, you were once only able to communicate by crying, laughing or cute snores. It is common sense to help when you see someone struggling. Please be considerate, but please not ever, ever go bashing a pram on purpose... That sleep deprived parent who looks like who has got no energy left, will find energy from an unknown source to make your life hell as you have just threatened a helpless baby. So let us pray for your soul... Uhoh too late!!


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