Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Baby Shoplog - Next /TK Maxx/George


So I thought it would be nice to do some shoplogs, mainly baby shoplogs... Not that I buy loads for munchkin as he grows quickly, but I like showing what I've bought hehe ^_^ Guess that is either a women's thing or a parent thing.. Hmm... Don't know..

Anyway - See below my lovely bought stuff!

I have bought some baby clothes for Autumn/Winter, mainly some long sleeved shirts and grows as I didn't had loads of these. First I loveeeeeeed the colours of these and as you can see there is also a bottle holder from MAM. All these lovelies have been bought by Next, TK Maxx and George by Asda and I will talk about them below per shop.

First of all Next - I have bought there a 3 pack of long sleeved shirts. I love their packs - they are good priced and the quality is always amazing. It is 3-6 months. Slightly a bit big for him now, but I can fold over the sleeves. I just fell in love with the colours. The pack was £12. Under it I will mainly put long sleeved grows for the extra warmth and layer. Also when I saw those shoes I just had to have them! Funnily enough the 3-6 months shoes from Next are a tad on the smaller side. Which means it will fit him now and next month perfectly. He has got other shoes which are way too big now. So these fit perfectly in between. It is getting colder a bit now, so just socks is just not going to cut it. The shoes were £5.50.
Next up is TK Maxx - I just ADORE this store.. Not only for the great bargains, good quality clothes and products in there. But also because I do find loads of Dutch stuff in there. And for me that combination is gold! I will do a separate shoplog for just TK Maxx as and when I am in there and find some Dutch Stuff. But for now - Munchkin's clothes. These are a pack of 4 long sleeved grows for only £7.99 from Chickpea. I love that brand - it is so colourful and even after washing many times it still comes out really nice. Again - the colours spoke to me and the price ^_^.  The MAM Thermo Bottle bag is amazing and was only £3.99. All of our bottles are MAM bottles, so I like to keep it at one brand.
And last but not least - George by Asda. They have lovely cheaper clothes for Munchkin. Although it sometimes does lack in quality when you wash it too often and face it, you do wash baby clothes loads. If you like it or not. But I couldn't resist this lovely dark yellow shirt which was only £2. Not breaking the bank at all! And the fleece sleepsuit with Tigger on it is just amazing...! It is getting a bit chilly in the nights and these fleece suits are perfect as he keeps kicking off any blankets and stuff. The sleepsuit was £7, so again not a bankbreaker!
So that is it for my first baby shoplog ever for Munchkin ^_^ Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hi Lief Dinnetje, Wat een leuke kleertjes! Mijn favorieten zijn alles van de tweede foto waarop alles in bruin teinten staat. VOoral ook het middelste truitje daarvan. SUPERLEUK! En die schoentjes! Zo cute!
    Je bent lekker bezig geweest dus. Leuk hoor. Verleidelijk ook heh al dat kleine spul. ^_~ KUsssss, Liefs, Mijntje.

    1. jaaa die truitjes zijn superleuk, alleen de drukknopjes zijn aan de achterkant. Dus als hij goed kan zitten ipv liggen zijn ze beter, want nu zitten de drukknopjes zo in zijn hoofdje en nekje gedrukt :(

      kusss liefs