Saturday, 29 October 2016

A lovely Saturday at the aquarium


We ended up in a tiny but lovely aquarium when we were visited Bolton Town Centre. It is located in the same building as the museum and the Bolton Library <3! Sooo as I wanted to see the library we thought why not explore the aquarium and see how he reacts to the fish swimming past, if they are too small he probably won't see them but if they are big enough he might follow them as he starts focusing on things now. Boy what a lovely idea it was - he ABSOLUTELY loved it!!

He was mesmerized by them, He kept following them around and when we tried to walk away from that window he would make a noise haha bless him!
In this tank there is a humongous catfish, bigger than Deacon!! That catfish swam in front of him and stopped, pretty sure he thought my boy was food... haha!

We also came across the stingray, he found him fascinating as well - but not as much as this one didn't really swim loads, just sat in the corner so Deacon lost very quickly his attention.

The Bolton Aquarium are Fresh Water ones and each tank has got their own unique fishes, most of them are bred in Bolton for the very first time. Just to name a few countries: Vietnam, Egypt, Brazil, etc. You can find more information about the Aquarium here.

The best thing about it - it is FREE entry! You can put a donation down of course, and that is what I find the main difference with UK and Netherlands. The museums, or most of them are free entry and only ask for a donation. I think they should introduce this in the Netherlands as well. It would get more people to enter museums to be honest. We will definitely be visiting more often, he will appreciate I think.


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