Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Hoi, Hello and welcome to my UK Dutchy blog!

My name is Charlene and I can honestly say I am a crazy Dutchie and just became a mama to a gorgeous baby boy Deacon.

In here I would like to share my new motherhood experiences, the good and the bad... yes the latter might not be much spoken about as sometimes it feels like a taboo but sometimes you have bad moments. As I am born and raised in Amsterdam and moved to the UK over 8 years ago I like to compare the countries as well :) So I hope to do that in a fun and quirky way - the Charlene way!

Also I will be posting reviews about baby products I have used, mama products and just other random lifestyle products which I think deserve to be mentioned within this blog.

So mainly this blog will be about motherhood, the fact that I will raise my child bilingual and the challenges that come with it and just general fun stuff as well.
I am very crafty - so I might spam you with my creations... although the only creation I spam currently is my gorgeous and beautiful baby boy ^_^

For the rest it is a blog in the making and it will evolve over time. So sit back and relax and enjoy my ramblings with a cuppa - or a well needed glass of any alcoholic beverage!

Have fun!


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