Monday, 19 December 2016

A Christmassy visit to Botany Bay at Chorley


A friend of mine and I went to Botany Bay @ Chorley - I had never been and I love discovering new places and shops where you can spend a few hours browsing and looking for lovely and unique gifts for family or friends or even just for yourself!

Well was I in for a treat...! Downstairs was lovely with a cafe  and small cubicles, almost small like shops within this massive warehouse and so sweet and cute and lovely! Definitely a place I would revisit a many times.

At the moment they have a lovely Christmas department on the top floor that was nothing short of being magical.
There were lovely lights everywhere and a little Gingerbread house as you can see with lovely little gifts and Christmas treats. I was really pleasantly pleased.

We also found a lovely Christmas fire place where you can take some cute pictures with you, your family, or in our case with our babies with some props too - It was lovely and we giggled loads and I can highly recommend giving Botany Bay a visit.

I just also want to make people aware that this post is not sponsored and purely came together by my enthousiasm.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Enjoying a quiet moment


Aaahhhh just enjoying a quiet moment with Munchkin fast asleep and me sipping a Toffee Nut Grande Latte Christmas Blend!

Mjummmmmmm I should have bought cake haha


Monday, 31 October 2016

The best Youtube videos for calming babies!


You know sometimes your baby just screams and cries and screams... You have done everything... Cuddled, swaddled, in sling, nappy change... twice just in case! Put warmer clothes, less clothes, with or without a blanket and you are literally pulling your hair as your little one is just fighting sleep...

I found a few video's that have helped my little one calm down, just because it is white noise, and I thought I share my top 5 with you. Maybe it will help yours - ps... they calm me too! haha

1. Epic Thunder & Rain - 10 hours white noise

2. Baby Sensory Rainbow (This one can get annoying...)

3. Make a baby stop crying

4. Colicky baby sleeps to this magic sound

5. Baby Sensory - Rain Drops

And that is my top 5! Have you got any favourite video's? Let me know!


Saturday, 29 October 2016

A lovely Saturday at the aquarium


We ended up in a tiny but lovely aquarium when we were visited Bolton Town Centre. It is located in the same building as the museum and the Bolton Library <3! Sooo as I wanted to see the library we thought why not explore the aquarium and see how he reacts to the fish swimming past, if they are too small he probably won't see them but if they are big enough he might follow them as he starts focusing on things now. Boy what a lovely idea it was - he ABSOLUTELY loved it!!

He was mesmerized by them, He kept following them around and when we tried to walk away from that window he would make a noise haha bless him!
In this tank there is a humongous catfish, bigger than Deacon!! That catfish swam in front of him and stopped, pretty sure he thought my boy was food... haha!

We also came across the stingray, he found him fascinating as well - but not as much as this one didn't really swim loads, just sat in the corner so Deacon lost very quickly his attention.

The Bolton Aquarium are Fresh Water ones and each tank has got their own unique fishes, most of them are bred in Bolton for the very first time. Just to name a few countries: Vietnam, Egypt, Brazil, etc. You can find more information about the Aquarium here.

The best thing about it - it is FREE entry! You can put a donation down of course, and that is what I find the main difference with UK and Netherlands. The museums, or most of them are free entry and only ask for a donation. I think they should introduce this in the Netherlands as well. It would get more people to enter museums to be honest. We will definitely be visiting more often, he will appreciate I think.


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Being nice goes a long way...


I thought I do a bit of a different blogpost today as I had a few experiences in town a couple of days ago whilst walking my baby boy in the pram and I felt the need to share it.

Kindness goes a long way - Let me start with that. If you see a mama struggling with a pram and a door, a little help will go a long way. I am forever grateful if you are able to hold the door open if you see me struggling, because you see... It might be a long day for me already - I might not have had a perfect long night full of sleep, the baby would absolutely not be teething.... It could be that I already had to deal with a poonami either just before leaving the house or just left it... Yes he might be all sleepy and angel like when you look in the pram, but I can tell you he wasn't 5 minutes ago. So I do ask, if you ever see someone, a mama or papa, struggling with a pram please check and see if they need help.

Another incident happened on the same day - I went to grab milk and something to eat from Aldi. And I think the whole town decided to grab a trolley and bash through the store... However, the amount of trolleys stuck in the same way wasn't the problem. Clearly the fun bright purple pram with a sleeping boy was the problem. I WAS the one in the way, not you not the person next to me who had parked their trolley in such a way that NOONE could go past. I was waiting patiently as I was stuck and clearly the person couldn't hear me say PARDON ME in different languages or volumes. So tutting at me, waiting patiently out of the way, is the way forward. Considering that you, my old deer, was young once... a baby... Maybe being carried in a sling or in a pram, thinking about it, if it was a pram it probably would have been three times the size as mine right now!
I apologise, no idea what for, try to move the pram in a such a way that you can squeeze through and still manage to bash the pram. At that point I had enough, I look straight at you and say: "Well, clearly this pram is the obstacle not the three other trolleys who are in the way, so yes please keep bashing your metal trolley into this pram one more time and I will push this random trolley into your legs. And I don't care about who or what you are." I can tell you - that received a bright red face and more tuts, but this time they were aimed at you... HAH!

See people - please remind yourselves, prams aren't there for your inconvenience, although they will be if you keep being a dosy mare, they are for the comfort and a basic transport of my baby. I will not stay at home all day and not move. My boy and I are not in the way - hell he is sleeping and the only noise he makes is his cute snoring. And yet we are the ones in the way...
You were once little, you were once only able to communicate by crying, laughing or cute snores. It is common sense to help when you see someone struggling. Please be considerate, but please not ever, ever go bashing a pram on purpose... That sleep deprived parent who looks like who has got no energy left, will find energy from an unknown source to make your life hell as you have just threatened a helpless baby. So let us pray for your soul... Uhoh too late!!


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mini Baby Shoplog - TK Maxx


Well my lovely boyfriend went out to TK Maxx as we needed some more sleeping bags for him (I refuse to say Grobag, it makes it sound like I am putting my child into a vegetable grobag...)

The deal was for me to go shopping on Sunday and him to stay home with munchkin so I could have some alone time. However, the little one is teething and I had a bad night sleep. So he went out to look for one with Munchkin and I stayed home and slept haha! Amazing deal right...!!

Anyways - He bought some amazing sleeping bags at TK Maxx for practically nothing, he was astonished that TK Maxx was cheaper than Argos, he looked there first but the quality was well... crap... And more expensive!!

We ended up with two sleeping bags, one slightly larger than the other for £15 each from the brand Piper & Posie and they are amazingly pretty!

So what do you think? I am in love with them - especially the Panda one ^_^ and the outside is so soft. It is a 2.7 Tog, perfect for the colder nights.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Baby Shoplog - Next /TK Maxx/George


So I thought it would be nice to do some shoplogs, mainly baby shoplogs... Not that I buy loads for munchkin as he grows quickly, but I like showing what I've bought hehe ^_^ Guess that is either a women's thing or a parent thing.. Hmm... Don't know..

Anyway - See below my lovely bought stuff!


Monday, 3 October 2016

Baby Wearing - Help!


I love to 'wear' my baby - this could be a weird sentence if you don't know what I am talking about...

well .... This is what I am talking about:

Currently it is that kind of day - babywearing in a stretchy wrap. Now I find it quite a hassle to get the wrap on and now my little boy of almost 12 weeks is getting heavier I find it a little bit feeling like it has less support... So I am thinking more of a buckle one now as that one might be easier to take with me as well so I don't always have to put him in the pram.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Hoi, Hello and welcome to my UK Dutchy blog!

My name is Charlene and I can honestly say I am a crazy Dutchie and just became a mama to a gorgeous baby boy Deacon.

In here I would like to share my new motherhood experiences, the good and the bad... yes the latter might not be much spoken about as sometimes it feels like a taboo but sometimes you have bad moments. As I am born and raised in Amsterdam and moved to the UK over 8 years ago I like to compare the countries as well :) So I hope to do that in a fun and quirky way - the Charlene way!